Disney Book Review

Disney Book Review is a site that brings together all the books on the Walt Disney Company. It showcases books based on categories and allows registered uses to review books they have used. In the backend, books are added to the site using only ISBN by querying Amazons Product Advertising API.

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  • Ruby on Rails 3
  • Mysql database

Testing and Development Gems Used

  • Cucumber
  • Rspec
  • Fakeweb
  • Capybara

Application Gems Used

  • Devise
  • Custom Amazon API Gem
  • Thinking Sphinx
  • Will Paginate
  • Paperclip
  • Nokogiri

Project Status

Disney Book Review has just been re-developed and deployed. While the overall site design changed very little, the technology has complety been rewrittien from the ground up. The site now also has a local shopping cart that interacts with the Amazon Product API