StataGolf is piece of software that tracks and manages a golfers game. By entering data on a round, the golfers statistics are tracked and charted. Development is ongoing to bring analysis to the software that will take the data and make recommendations for improvement to the golfers game.

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  • Ruby on Rails
  • jQuery
  • Mysql database - Production
  • Sqlite3 database - Test and Development
  • Hosted on Linode VPS

Testing and Development Gems Used

  • Rspec
  • Cucumber
  • Capybara

Application Gems Used

  • Searchlogic
  • Authlogic
  • Will Paginate

Project Status

StataGolf is currently available for use in a BETA release. Development is on going to bring game improvement algorithms into the software. Currently golfers can track and charts their stats. Integration with 3rd party API's is being developed